Nice to virtually meet you!

I’m an Alabama native with a strong passion for helping people. Throughout my career, I’ve been able to grasp a wide variety of marketing, fundraising and sales skills to help get your company running in the some of the most effective ways possible. Below you may find a breakdown of my career and see how it has set a path for me to now help you with yours. Shoot me an email to get started!

What’s In It For You?

Marketing / Web Design

Fundraising / Campaigns

Sales / Customer Service

Social Media / Ads

What’s My Background?

The University of Alabama
I could not ask for more than what I got out of attending UA. Besides residing in a lively football town, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations with a minor in Computer Science, was a teaching assistant for my computer science classes, helped manage a cystic fibrosis campaign as research director and interned for the director of graduate school programs. Little did I know, all of the hard work shaped the mold I strive in today and I could not be more thankful.

Program Manager at UC Berkeley, Cal Calling Center
Shortly after college, I accepted a position at UC Berkeley as Program Manager of the Cal Calling Center. I managed one of UC Berkeley’s largest money makers. I had the pleasure of recruiting some of the brightest students and teaching them skills they haven’t yet acquired in life such as building rapport, transitions following asking for money and solid negotiation skills. Following recruitment and training, I helped them excel on the phones calling alumni to give back and raise money for the university.

University of North Florida
While holding the position of Assistant Director of Annual Giving at UNF, I was able to advance my fundraising skills to the next level. Alongside of my telemarketing experience, I successfully learned the ins and outs of email and mail campaigns. Not only did the importance of these fundraising initiatives shine bright, but the stewardship following all campaigns also showed a large impact made on donors.

The KADAN Institute
Becoming the Customer Relations Officer for the KADAN Institute complimented my career path in ways I did not see coming. As the virtual medicine clinic’s first and only employee, I grasped the opportunity to execute all sales processes, be the liaison for new patients on-boarding and management, produce all social media content and campaigns, work on online Ads to bring in new prospects and manage all operations and workflow.